Easier said than done!

I went to a virtual Women’s Conference this week and it really helped me to do some self-reflection. I was always the person that was trying to help others, especially in their relationships. I was always telling my friends and family members that they deserved better when it came to who they were in relationships with. I grew up in a household with two parents who loved each other fiercely, but all around me I saw broken relationships. I saw close friends and family members getting physically and emotionally abused. That did something to me. I didn’t like it at all. I would encourage people in my circle to get out of these situations. I couldn’t understand why they remained with people who treated them poorly. I was often frustrated because they didn’t take my advice, but then I became one of them. I found myself in relationships that were also unhealthy. I didn’t realize how bad the relationships were at first. I now had people in my life telling me to leave these relationships or I was busy hiding the pain so I wouldn’t have to hear their opinions. I found it hard to free myself from such dysfunction that I had grown accustomed to. It was so easy for me to tell others to get out of relationships that were not healthy for them, yet I remained in unhealthy relationships myself. This taught me a valuable lesson. It is better to support and encourage those who need my help realizing that they are in a bad situation. When they are ready to make a move I will be there, because I now know it is “easier said than done”.

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