About the Author

Latesha Kellam


Latesha Kellam is an author who takes her life experiences and puts them into words that will inspire others.  She wrote her first story at the age of 14, about the events surrounding the unexpected death of her father.  Although, she was a Computer Science major in college, she took quite a few English classes Her professors tried to encourage her to change her major to English and to pursue a career in writing.  After college, she was all set to go into the IT field but her book about her 4 years at Ithaca College was very anticipated by her classmates.  She did not finish that book because life took her in a different direction.  During the current phase of her life, she has the desire to not only write inspiring books but to help people, especially woman, recognize when they are in dysfunctional relationships.  She lives by the old adage, experience is the best teacher, therefore she takes events from her own life to inspire her writing.