Closure is no longer essential for me

I used to believe I needed closure in order to get over a relationship, but I no longer believe this. I always wanted to know what happened. I would ask myself questions, like what did I do to cause this relationship to end? What could I have done better? I would reach out to the person to get closure. Now I know it is a bad idea to reach out to any ex to get closure. That very act opens up the door for you to get back together and continue the unhealthy relationship. If you would have never tried to get closure then you would have been free from something that wasn’t good for you sooner. I learned that if I took the time to stop and think about it, I already had the answer I was desperately seeking. Often times a person’s actions will give you the answer. It becomes apparent that you are not the right one for them and they are not the right one for you. Instead of seeking closure, just completely let go of the relationship. It was unhealthy. It wasn’t what you deserved. It was hurting you. What more information do you need from the person that was hurting you? Just move on and be free of a bad situation.

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