Don’t let your fears stop your purpose!

Most people who know me, think I am fearless. I have overcome a lot of things and I definitely put on a hard exterior. The truth is I am also afraid of a lot of things. I realize that I have to overcome my fears. I can’t let my fears take over me. I can’t let my fears keep me from doing the things in life that will make a difference.

I recently wrote a book, that is fictional, however it was inspired by some things that I experienced in my life. I have to be honest, although I wrote this book, believing it can help someone, I was afraid to release it. I wondered what people who know me and read the book would think about me. I feared judgement. I feared ridicule. I soon realized that I shouldn’t be worried about those things. If the book that I wrote could help one person, if it could change one woman’s life, if it could open up one suffering person’s eyes, my book has served it’s purpose.

I am on a mission to help women through my writing. I can no longer fear the thoughts and perception of others. I can’t let my fears stop my purpose.

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