First date question: What type of relationship are you interested?

Some people might think that asking the following question is too forward to ask on the first date: “What type of relationship are you interested?” However, I disagree. I think it is better to find out as soon as possible, whether you are on the same page, with a potential love interest. There is no need to waste precious time if you are not on the same page. It can become pretty awkward, after dating someone for a few weeks, with the intentions of having a serious relationship, only to find out they only want to date casually. You could end up dating a person for a few years before you find out that you want to get married, but they don’t believe in marriage. I think it is best to get this question out of the way, right away. Hopefully, they will be honest with you and not waste your time. I have had that experience as well. I was dating a guy who said he wanted to be in a serious relationship, which seemed true. He even talked about marriage. We seemed like we were on the same page. One day out of the blue we were discussing marriage and he was speaking negatively about it. I still believe in marriage, even though I have been divorced, so I was defending it. All of sudden he blurts out that he doesn’t think he wants to ever get married. We were already in a relationship for 3 years when he decided to share this with me. I was devastated. At that moment, I wished he would have told me that he didn’t want to get married when we first met. I wouldn’t have wasted my time and invested so much into that relationship. The sad part was I remained in that relationship for 2 more years. I tried to convince myself that I didn’t want to get married again. I could deal with our current level of commitment. I was fooling myself, I definitely wanted more.

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