Have you ever heard of fleabagging?

I saw an article about this the other day. I immediately asked myself, “What in the world is fleabagging?” According to Carolyn Steber who writes for HelloGiggles, “fleabagging is when you keep dating the same types of people over and over again, even though they’re bad for you. You never quite learn from past mistakes or take a different approach to find love but keep hoping for the best, only to be let disappointed time and time again.” I bet this sounds familiar to a lot of us. How often have you questioned, how you ended up in the same type of bad relationship again? In my opinion, it is probably not something that is done intentionally. I know that my desire is to be in a relationship with someone who is going to treat me the way I deserve to be treated. After my last relationship, I realized that I was dating people with the same bad traits. It was like they were being drawn to me. That’s when I realized the problem is not with them, they are who they are. The problem was actually me. I decided that I would not enter into another serious relationship, until I took out time to figure out what it is about me that is drawing the wrong partner to me. I knew that I needed to fix myself. I needed to truly love myself. I honestly believe once I do these things, I will end up with the right person. I will break the pesky cycle of fleabagging.

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