Causes of resentment in relationships

I was reading an article from Cosmopolitan that interviewed multiple women about what things caused resentment in their relationships. One of things that was mentioned that I could relate to is “an unequal showing of effort or concern”. I was recently in a relationship where I felt like I was the only one concerned with the relationship. I would always try to resolve any issues we were having. I would constantly try to make things right. I was taking the blame for any issues that occurred in the relationship. When we had disagreements, this person could go weeks without talking to me, but I would always break the ice. I was always trying to make the relationship work. The relationship came to a point where I would be the one initiating our dates and outings. He acted like he did care if we saw each other or not. He would make other plans when he knew we were supposed to see each other and tell me at the last minute that our plans were canceled. He discarded my feelings. The irony of all of this is that he thought he was putting an enormous effort in our relationship. He often said that he was invested more than I was. His actions definitely wasn’t lining up with his words. I put in 150% percent into our relationship but he did not do the same. As I look back and reflect on this relationship, I do carry some resentment about this person’s lack of concern for me or our relationship.

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