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Virtually hooking up with your ex during the pandemic

I was reading this article the other day about people reaching out to their ex’s during this pandemic. The article was discussing whether it is a good idea or not, so I thought I would voice my opinion on this topic. My personal opinion is that it is a bad idea to reach out to your ex during this pandemic. Everybody is in a vulnerable state during these stressful times. There is a saying that states, “the person is your ex for a reason.” You really need to remember what the reasons were behind you and your ex breaking up in the first place. The core reasons for you splitting up have not changed just because the world is in turmoil. Once the pandemic calms down and you have a sense of normalcy again, those reasons will resurface. Even if you just want to have somebody to talk to and you have no intentions of rekindling the relationship, you could be sending the wrong message to your ex. I have found that when people break up there is always one person who still has feeling for the other one. Your ex will most likely miscontrue your intentions and you will find yourself in a big mess. This pandemic can be very lonely at times, but it is definitely not the right time to rekindle an old flame. Nobody is thinking clearly or rationally and that only leads to disaster. Resist the urge to reconnect with your ex during this time, by starting a new project or learning a new hobby. You won’t regret it.

Is quarantine good for your relationship?

The quarantine can be good for your relationship if you actually enjoy each other’s company. It can be a good time to reconnect with your partner especially if you both spend a lot of time working and attending to your children. It is a good time to get creative and rekindle the flame if it has burned out. I was on facebook and I saw the cutest post. One of my favorite couples, had a quarantined date night with a nice candlelight dinner. It looked like they were in a restaurant. They got really dressed up like they were going to an expensive restaurant. I loved seeing that, so in that case the quarantine is working for that couple’s relationship.

Now if you don’t get along with your partner, being in quarantine with them can just make things worse. I know for me, when I am not getting along with someone, being in close quarters with them just makes things worse. Everything they do seems to get on your nerves and the quarantine can make the walls seem like they are closing in on you.

I do believe being in quarantine can be good for your relationship, so take advantage of this time with your partner. Use this time to grow closer in love.

I am tired of the coronovirus

Tonight it with a heavy heart that I post that someone very close to our family passed away from the coronovirus. The news was very unexpected and it is like a heavy weight on my heart. This individual has been around our family since I was a little girl. He and his wife actually bought me my first pair of white patent leather shoes. They were actually too small, but I wore them anyway because I loved them just as much as the people who gave them to me. Although, I have been fully aware of how serious the coronovirus is, it definitely feels differently when it hits so close to home. I don’t even know how to feel. I pray for his family and friends that we all find comfort during this difficult time and that this trying time is over sooner rather than later.

Abuse during the coronovirus

This is a very difficult topic to talk about. A lot of us are self-quarantined due to the coronovirus and we are going crazy from not being able to complete our normal routines. It is hard to even imagine what life must be like for someone who is stuck in their home with someone who physically and mentally abuses them. Their way of escape from this person is limited. It is very sad to think about all the women who are afraid during this difficult time in the world. While we are praying that the coronovirus is stopped so we can get back to our normal routines, these women are praying that coronovirus is stopped before they are killed by their abusers. I wonder what options do they have. Most of the time when someone leaves an abusive relationship they have to leave discretely in order not to alert the person that is abusing them. How can this happen when the country is locked down because of the coronovirus? Are the services for these women even available at this time? Who can help them? I have so many questions but no answers. I pray for these women’s safety. My heart goes out to them. If anybody has any answers to these questions, please comment on this post. The answers can help save a life.

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The coronvirus strikes again

I was looking at one of the news website and saw that my ex’s job has quite a few coronovirus cases. Although, we broke up and I know that I should not be in a relationship with him ever again, I still care about his well-being. I immediately felt panic and was concerned about whether he was ok or if he was one of the people that contracted the virus. I was distracted after reading the article. I started to think that maybe I should reach out to him and then I remembered that he never did care for the nurturing part of my personality. Besides, he would probably tell me off for not answering the email he sent me a few months ago. After giving it much thought, I decided it was definitely not a good idea to check on him and his family. I would just pray for him instead. I know you are probably wondering why I would even consider checking on him at all. It is because I genuinely loved this person and even though he hurt me, I still don’t want to see any harm come to him, especially not this.

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In a time of crisis you think about the ones you love

The whole world is up and arms about the coronavirus and I have to admit I am just as frazzled. When things like this happen you start to think about the ones you love, everyone you love. I recently endured a very difficult break up, but I really loved this person. To be honest, I still love him. With everything going on with the coronavirus, I find myself thinking about him alot. I wonder if he is ok. I wonder if his family is ok. He hurt me terribly, but I still wonder if he is ok, because I love him. I know you may be wondering how that is even possible. How could I still care about somebody who hurt me? When you really love someone, you still care. I won’t reach out to him. I can’t. I don’t ever want to be hurt by him again, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still care about his well-being.

I can’t think straight with the spread of this coronovirus

Don’t get me wrong, I am a woman of faith, but I have never ever lived through anything like this in my 42 years of being on this earth. This is definitely uncharted territory and although I know that if I stay prayed up and prepared, everything will be alright, I have days where this coronovirus has me shaking in my high heel boots.

It really became real when they shut down all the schools in my city. I am now left trying to figure how to work and protect my kids at the same time. I don’t want them to panic, so I have to remain calm and level headed. I have been spending most of my days buying the necessities and praying for better days.

Today I felt so out of sorts that I could barely think to do my work. I kept checking the news outlets, and checking the company emails throughout the day for coronvirus updates. I pressed through the day but my nerves are definitely still on edge.