Can’t Buy Me Love

Valentine’s Day used to mean so much to me, but now that I have been single for over a year I have a totally different perspective. I used to anticipate the moment that my ex-husband presented me with my gifts or left me a surprise while I was at work. If he would have forgotten to get me a gift, I know I would have been heart-broken. He wasn’t the best husband, but I knew that I could depend on him showing me how much he cared for me on this one day. How crazy does that sound? I looked forward to this one day all year long, instead of realizing that I was in a marriage that was unhealthy. I deserved love every day, but I wasn’t conscious of that at the time. Now I know that one or two days of gifts doesn’t make up for the lack of true love, support, compassion and consistency. What does gifts matter if the person doesn’t treat you well? I always say actions speak louder than words, but that doesn’t mean that showing your affection by gifts one time a year means that you really love someone.

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