Superficial Love

Today I want to talk about superficial love. It’s amazing to me how many people believe things equate to love. Don’t get me wrong, gifts are nice but they don’t make your partner’s love real. I would much rather have someone that truly loves me for the person that I am than to receive expensive gifts and be treated with a lack of love, respect, support and adoration. I am what they call a modern day woman. I have a successful career and my own money, so that means I can buy my own things. What I desire in a relationship, goes way beyond shiny things. I was in a relationship where my partner brought me gifts randomly. I appreciated his gestures, especially since I told him the same thing that I just stated here. I interpreted his gift giving as a way for him to express his feelings for me, however I was wrong. It turns out he was giving me gifts but didn’t respect me as a person. He didn’t appreciate my quirky, corny personality. He didn’t accept my unique way of thinking. He never wanted to compromise in order for us both to be happy. At the end of the day, all of his gifts meant absolutely nothing. I learned a valuable lesson from this experience. I would rather receive real love from my partner over extravagant gifts. At this point in my life, I am not open to a superficial love. I want the real thing.

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