From anticipation to obligation

Most of time when you meet a new love interest and you figure out that you really like them, you can’t wait to see them. You always want to spend time with them. For me personally, I would get butterflies in my stomach from the anticipation of our next date. When I finally got to meet up with that person, I couldn’t control the smile that would come across my face. This wasn’t one-sided. My love interest was as anxious and happy to see me. We never greeted each other without a big, long hug. We were so into each other, it seemed like the world would stop when we were together. After a while it all changed. It seemed like the anticipation and need to spend time with this person became one sided. We would set up dates, but it seemed more like a formality, because that is what we were used to doing. The person would come to my house, walk right pass me and barely speak. There were no more hugs when we saw each other. It seemed like they were only coming see me, so I wouldn’t complain that we weren’t spending time together. The entire time we were together they would be on their phone playing a game or looking at Youtube videos. When did our dating life change from anticipation to obligation? It seemed like it happened suddenly and that was the beginning of the end.

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