Recognizing when your partner has commitment issues

There are often signs right in front of us that the person we are dating have commitment issues. Their actions and the things they say are usually key indicators that are right in front of us. If you are not paying attention or being careful these signs are easily missed. I always like to speak about my experiences when writing these blogs. I was dating someone for a few years and I believe they have commitment issues. We would always have conversations about the future, but not in the way you would think. This person would ask me what my future boyfriend would be like or talk about us breaking up. This would annoy me, because I really liked this person. I even grew to love them. I had no intentions of breaking up with them. I wanted them to be in my life forever. This was a constant thing. He would give me examples of guys that could be right for me and ask me my opinion about them. I expressed to him that I only wanted to be with him, so I didn’t want to discuss future relationships, but this behavior continued throughout the relationship. I now know that this was a key indicator that this person had commitment issues. Instead of dealing with their issues head on they would try to passively suggest that I date somebody else. I didn’t want to accept this, so I pretended that this person was just joking around when these conversations came up. But the truth of the matter was that these conversations made me feel really uncomfortable and in the end the relationship did not work out. I feel like my partner intentionally sabotaged the relationship because of his fear of commitment. Watch out for the signs of commitment issues early on in your relationship, so you don’t waste your precious time on somebody who will never fully commit to you.

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