Why do good girls like bad boys?

It seems like most good girls falls for a bad boy at least once in their lives. The question is why? They are totally different. You would think that a good girl would want a nice upstanding gentlemen that treats her with respect, but that is usually not the case. Opposites definitely attract but is it the danger that attracts a good girl to a bad boy? Is it the challenge of transforming a bad boy to a good guy? I had a bad boy in my life and I was attracted to the danger and the challenge of changing him. I felt like I could show him a better life and help him realize that he didn’t have to be bad boy. I actually saw the good in him. I eventually came to realize that I couldn’t change him. People are who they are. Now I question, why did I really fall for a bad boy in the first place? I know that I want to be treated well in my relationships, yet I continue to fall for guys with some bad boy traits. I read an article that stated that women often fall for bad boys, because they are trying to fix themselves. This may actually be true. Both guys that I was with, were very handsome. At the time my self-esteem wasn’t exactly where it should be, so I felt privileged to be with them. That caused me to ignore the things they were doing that weren’t right. Another reason that was mentioned in the article is that bad boys exude masculinity. Most women want a strong, masculine man. There are many theories why good girls like bad boys, but it is still a conundrum that most of will never understand.

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