Texting vs the Telephone

I guess I am old fashion but I prefer talking on the telephone when I am dating someone. It is hard to get to know someone over text. I feel like texting can be impersonal. It can also cause a lot of issues. You can’t tell what someone’s tone is really like through a text, which often leads to miscommunication. I would much rather hear the person’s voice and tone when we are having a conversation. I want to hear the person’s real laugh instead of seeing LOL after a statement that is suppose to invoke laughter. People type LOL all of the time and they aren’t even laughing. Texting can also get very cumbersome if you are trying to have a serious conversation. How deep can you really get over text? There is one plus to texting instead of communicating over the phone. If the person says something inappropriate or gets on your nerves, you can easily end the conversation, by simply not responding. At the end the day, I am a telephone girl, all the way. What about you? Text or telephone?

One thought on “Texting vs the Telephone

  1. I’m a telephone person for sure. I like the whole experience of hearing voice, tone and emotions during conversation. Like you, I believe it’s more personal than text.


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