Do opposites really attract?

Can two people with different personalities have a successful relationship? I think it is possible but it really depends on the differences of these individuals and if they are willing to accept each other’s differences. In relationships, different personality traits can complement each other. I have found that sometimes the differences can cause problems in your relationship. For example, if you are a generally positive person and your partner is super negative. I was in a relationship where I felt like my partner always put a negative twist on every situation, no matter how good the situation was. I tried to deal with it but, after a while it really started to wear on me. I have always been a half glass full type of girl, but this guy was a half empty type of guy. I would try to encourage him not to immediately think negative about situations and a person’s intentions, but that was just who he was. This quality started to break down our relationship. I began to shy away from telling him about anything positive in my life because I knew he would make negative comments and put a damper on my happy moment. If I told him about a major accomplishment, he would make it seem minimal. In a relationship, you need someone who supports you and you need someone with a personality that complements your personality. In summary, having someone with a different personality than yours can work, but it depends on the personality.

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