Gaslighting phenomenon

Gaslighting is a term that is not familiar to most people. The definition of “gaslighting” is manipulating someone by psychological means into questioning their own sanity. This is something I experienced first hand during my marriage but during that time there was no technical term for it. One day I was on a site and I saw this term and I began to read the article. I experienced everything that was in the article. I could finally say that I wasn’t crazy during my marriage but was being manipulated in the worse way. My ex-husband had me thinking that I was misinterpreting his actions. He had me thinking that I was making up the way he was treating me and that events that happened didn’t really occur. I used to question myself. I would often feel like I imagined it all, until I found out about “gaslighting”. My feelings and thoughts were real. The things that were happening throughout my marriage were real. I wasn’t making it up and having unexplainable episodes. I was not crazy. I was being manipulated. Gaslighting is a real thing and it is done all too often in relationships. Be aware of it. Watch out for it and don’t let anyone use gaslighting on you.

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