When someone tries to knock you down don’t let them

I wrote my book, The Match Disaster, because I wanted to bring light to subtle issues in relationships that are very unhealthly. These issues can eventually destroy someone’s confidence and self-esteem. I am very proud of this book. I fully expect mixed reactions to my work but I was definitely blind-sided when I received a text from a reader that seems to know me personally. The text included statements attacking me as a person. I felt this person was trying to make me fell terrible about my accomplishment. The crazy part about the text is that the person claims they know me but they would not tell me who they are. I was disturbed for a few days about this text, especially since I believe I figured out who sent it. I came to the realization that there will always be somebody who tries to belittle your accomplishment and that I should not let them. This person called themselves putting me in my place and making me feel bad about myself, but why should I let them accomplish their goal? I want my book to help somebody see that they don’t have to accept the very thing the texter was doing to me, in any relationship. I will continue to promote my book and if it can help 1 person or change 1 person’s life, I have done my job.

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