Tribute to Mommy

Today is my mother’s 67th birthday. She succumbed to breast cancer after being in remission at the young age of 60. My mom was truly my best friend and the best role model a daughter could have. She taught me how to be a good mother, how to have a forgiving heart, how to care about people and how to love unconditionally. She showed me what a great wife looked like, although I did not choose the right husband, she still taught me.

My mother was a Pastor, but I could still talk to her about anything and she would give me the best advice. She didn’t mince words but her correction and advice was still filled with love. She put others before herself and gave her last to those in need. The overprotective side of me, would sometimes feel like she was being used and I would tell her that. She understood but she couldn’t help being who she was. She loved with her whole heart. Even when people hurt her, she still loved them anyway. She definitely knew the meaning of unconditional love. She didn’t hold people’s mistakes against them but she encouraged them along the way. My mom was everything I aspire to be. I miss her and love her so much. Happy Birthday mom!

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