Abuse during the coronovirus

This is a very difficult topic to talk about. A lot of us are self-quarantined due to the coronovirus and we are going crazy from not being able to complete our normal routines. It is hard to even imagine what life must be like for someone who is stuck in their home with someone who physically and mentally abuses them. Their way of escape from this person is limited. It is very sad to think about all the women who are afraid during this difficult time in the world. While we are praying that the coronovirus is stopped so we can get back to our normal routines, these women are praying that coronovirus is stopped before they are killed by their abusers. I wonder what options do they have. Most of the time when someone leaves an abusive relationship they have to leave discretely in order not to alert the person that is abusing them. How can this happen when the country is locked down because of the coronovirus? Are the services for these women even available at this time? Who can help them? I have so many questions but no answers. I pray for these women’s safety. My heart goes out to them. If anybody has any answers to these questions, please comment on this post. The answers can help save a life.

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