To all the women who are in a relationship that is just good enough

Let’s talk about the dedication of my book, “The Match Disaster”. It states, “To all the women who are in a relationship that is just good enough, but they deserve so much better.” The reason I wrote this book is because now a days it is very common for us as women and men to settle in our relationships. We don’t realize that we are receiving just enough. There are many reasons for this. One being that you may have just gotten out of a really bad relationship and your new relationship is different from your old relationship. It is not necessarily 100% better than your previous relationship, but is seems good compared to what you were going through in the relationship you just got out of. The truth is you are worthy of the best relationship for you. You don’t have to settle for someone treating you poorly in any form. You definitely shouldn’t settle for anyone making you feel badly about yourself in any way. You shouldn’t feel obligated to stay in a relationship because the person often states that they are treating you better than your previous partner. You deserve to be treated well. They are not doing you a favor by doing so. It is important for us to recognize the signs of an unhealthy relationship, even if they are subtle. That is what this book is about. I wrote this book to help someone realize they deserve the best and nothing less. To get a copy of this book click here, The Match Disaster Link.

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