The coronvirus strikes again

I was looking at one of the news website and saw that my ex’s job has quite a few coronovirus cases. Although, we broke up and I know that I should not be in a relationship with him ever again, I still care about his well-being. I immediately felt panic and was concerned about whether he was ok or if he was one of the people that contracted the virus. I was distracted after reading the article. I started to think that maybe I should reach out to him and then I remembered that he never did care for the nurturing part of my personality. Besides, he would probably tell me off for not answering the email he sent me a few months ago. After giving it much thought, I decided it was definitely not a good idea to check on him and his family. I would just pray for him instead. I know you are probably wondering why I would even consider checking on him at all. It is because I genuinely loved this person and even though he hurt me, I still don’t want to see any harm come to him, especially not this.

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