Til Death Do Us Part

I am still single and not ready to mingle, however I do want to get married again one day. When I do find that special person, I pray that it is my forever love. You see I grew up with both of my parents who had a love that I can only dream about. They were kindreds spirits. They were definitely one. They loved each other completely and with everything they had. That love trickled down to us 4 children. You could see the love in their eyes. I always tell people when they were together you could see the hearts floating above their heads. That’s the kind of love I want. They truly loved each other until the end. Unfortunately, my dad passed away at 49 and my mom was left a widow. My mom and dad were so connected you could tell that a part of my mom died when my dad died. She loved my dad so much, she never remarried. She said nobody could live up to him and she didn’t want to take a chance remarrying and ruining the memory of my father. That to me is the definition of Til Death Do Us Part. I can only pray that I find that kind of love someday.

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