If someone shows you who they really are believe them

If someone shows you who they really are, believe them the first time they show you. It is so easy to make excuses for somebody’s behavior and believe they were just having a moment or a bad day. You want to believe that they will never act a certain way again or talk to you disrespectly again, especially if they apologize to you for how they behaved. You are probably thinking they have never acted this way before, so I must have done something to cause them to treat me this way. I know this from personal experience. I would start analyzing my own behavior to try to figure out what I did to cause my partner to act in a way that seemed out of character at the time. The truth of the matter is, the person is acting that way because it is who they are. Most people try to hide the unflattering sides of themselves from their partners when they first start dating and getting to know each other, but once they get comfortable the true them surfaces. My mother use to say, a person can only act for so long before the real them comes to light. I unfortunately did not learn this lesson quick enough. I chose to believe that the person that I loved was just having a moment and would never treat me poorly again. After multiple incidents, I finally learned that this behavior was a part of who this person really was. So be warned, if a person shows you who they really are believe them, THE FIRST TIME.

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