Love shouldn’t hurt

I don’t if you know this, but love shouldn’t hurt. It is so easy to say the words I love you, but it is actually how you treat someone that tells them whether you love them or not. If the person that claims they love you is constantly hurting you, then they do not love you. Love is definitely an action word but it doesn’t include intentionally hurting someone. How often have you found yourself crying because your significant other really hurt you or because they are treating so poorly? After the situation is over, they come back and they tell you that they love you, but they end up hurting you again. Love shouldn’t hurt.

I was in this very situation when I was married. My ex-husband would tell me that he loved me all the time, but he was always hurting me. I used to always tell him that he didn’t love me because he was treating me so poorly. He hated that. He would get so upset and would tell me that I don’t know how he feels inside. He would say that I can’t tell him he doesn’t love me. I have to say that is actions wasn’t lining up with his words and love shouldn’t hurt.

When a person really loves you, they will do whatever it takes not to hurt you. Hurting you is the opposite of that. Don’t just believe the words, “I love you”, but take note of the person’s actions.

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