I’m good at giving advice to my friends, but my love life is a mess.

People look at me and they think I have it all together, but in actually I don’t. Sure, I have a great career and a job I absolutely love. My spiritual life is getting better by the day. I have two awesome boys. However, when it comes to my love life it is an absolute mess. I have always been the person that my friends and family members come to for relationship advice. Even when I was in high school my friends would confide in me about their problems while we were in study hall. I would give them what I thought was the best advice. It was easy for me to have a different perspective on their situations because I was on the outside looking him. Some of them took my advice and some didn’t, but in the end they would thank me and tell me I was right about their situation. I often wonder, why I don’t have that type of insight into my own relationships. I go into relationships with my eyes wide open and I somehow end up wearing rose colored glasses, while trying to see the bright side of things. I have always been “a half glass is full” type of person instead of “a half glass is empty”. I choose to see the good in people, even when they aren’t showing me their best selves and that seems to be getting me into all types of trouble. I am learning to take off those rose colored glasses and face reality. Like the old saying says, “If somebody shows you who they really are, believe them”.

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