The Freeze Out vs Talking it Out

I personally don’t like it when I am having a disagreement with my partner and they decide to go with the Freeze out method. I am fully aware that time may be needed for each person to calm down and think rationally after a disagreement. However, I don’t agree with freezing out your partner for days and not communicating your feelings. I feel this is very unproductive and only makes things worse. Most men say that they need space and time to think after getting into it with their partner, however most women do not need or want space. They prefer use effective communication to resolve the issue. When you freeze out your partner, it can misinterpreted as you not caring about your significant other’s feeling. The person you are freezing out starts to create narratives in their head that may not necessarily be true. Communication is a key component to a successful relationship, so how can freezing out your partner be an option?

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