I can’t think straight with the spread of this coronovirus

Don’t get me wrong, I am a woman of faith, but I have never ever lived through anything like this in my 42 years of being on this earth. This is definitely uncharted territory and although I know that if I stay prayed up and prepared, everything will be alright, I have days where this coronovirus has me shaking in my high heel boots.

It really became real when they shut down all the schools in my city. I am now left trying to figure how to work and protect my kids at the same time. I don’t want them to panic, so I have to remain calm and level headed. I have been spending most of my days buying the necessities and praying for better days.

Today I felt so out of sorts that I could barely think to do my work. I kept checking the news outlets, and checking the company emails throughout the day for coronvirus updates. I pressed through the day but my nerves are definitely still on edge.

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